Buying Shoes Out of Season

If you are heading out of the country on holiday, and your destination is warmer and drier than your home country, you will doubtless need to haul out last season's summer outfits before your head off on your trip. While your clothes are bound to be intact, you may find that your shoes have taken a hammering, particularly if you favoured one pair in particular during the warmer months.

Sourcing and selecting summer shoes in the middle of winter is not always an easy task. You will find that most stores, both online and at your local mall or high street, stock only cold weather footgear.

Unless you want to wear fitflop continuously throughout your holiday, you will need to employ some resourceful thinking. Begin by compiling a short list of factory shops and discount stores. This kind of retailer tends to stock last season's items, sold at discount prices. (more...)

How to Store your Shoes

Every woman needs shoes. Lots of shoes in fact. At least one pair for every outfit, isn't that right?

That isn't really a serious statement, but many women (and men) do have a large shoe collection, and storage can become a problem. If your shoes are disorganised, thrown into a wardrobe for example, it makes it difficult to find the ones you want. Also, if they aren't stored properly, you may forget what shoes you have, and in the worst case scenario you may even be damaging them.

Shoes should really be stored with shoe trees in them so they keep their shape. You don't want your prized Dolce Gabbana schoenen getting creased and damaged because you haven't stored them properly, do you? If you don't have shoe trees then screwed up paper, preferably acid free, can be used instead. (more...)

Stay Warm in Winter

When autumn approaches, it's time to start thinking about a winter wardrobe. Shorts and short sleeved tops get packed away, and the woollen jumpers and cardigans come out.

One of the most important ways to keep warm in cold weather is to make sure your feet are warm. Good winter shoes and boots are vital. Not only do you want to have warm feet, you want them to stay dry and you don't want to slip on any ice.

It can be hard to find stylish winter footwear but if you look around there are lots of options. From ugg schoenen to cheaper alternatives, this year's styles are sturdy, and there are a lot of colour options available too. You don't need to decide between black and tan – why not go for pink boots for a change! (more...)

The Republic of Shoe Lovers

Fashion has taken on a life of its own over the last couple of decades – it has become more than just about cutting and pinning fabric in a certain way, it has become about art and passion and expression. What we chose to wear is an expression of our mood, our character and really just how we might feel on any given day.

From the dresses and shirts of one designer to the skirts and pants of another the Republic of fashion is massive and its citizenship is growing daily. But this passion and interest is not limited to only what we put on our body.

The passion and attention with which fashion lovers look out for beautiful garments is only matched by their fascination and even obsession with shoes. Shoes are often overlooked as a mere accessory, as something that just goes on your feet. (more...)

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